Roof sheets


Single-module roof sheet TYSENIA is a modern roof solution for investors searching for exceptional visual effect of roof surfaces. The minimalist, strict look of roof sheet is harmonized with current architectonic trends and flat shape guarantees universal application.
A simple form of TYSENIA is decorated by sophisticated triple rib, and its distinctive feature is low, 2,5 mm, profile. TYSENIA may be installed both as roof coverage and original facade finishing. What’s more, a flat roof sheet is light. Thanks to its lightness, it will be ideal not only for modern building, but also renovations of old buildings’ roofs. The product is available in 4 coats, both in matt and gloss: Pladur® Wrinkle MAT, Pladur® Relief IceCrystal thyssenkrupp, Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra and in rich range of colours.

Technical details

Total width: ~1236 mm
Effective width: 1198 mm
Height of forming: 30 mm
Depth of profile: 2,5 mm
Length of module: 350 mm
Sheet length: 373 mm
Pitch: 200 mm
Thickness of the finished product (steel): 0,5 mm


Due to different monitor settings, colors may be different from reality, which is why the colors are approximate.
The colors of the samples are subject to production tolerances and may slightly differ from the material delivered to the construction site.

Input material

Pladur® Wrinkle - mat grainy, with colors by known patterns, coating system 2 - layer, layer thickness min. 35 microns

Pladur® Relief iceCrystal - sheet with a proprietary surface structure imitating frozen patches of ice coating system 3 - layer, layer thickness min. 36 microns

Powłoka Zm EcoProtect - modernized and improved by the application of metallic coating novel zinc and magnesium alloy instead of the existing zinc coating. It has improved the protection and longer life

Colorcoat HPS200®Ultra

Colorcoat HPS200 ® Ultra uses a tested and used exclusively at TATA Steel (Corus) Galvalloy metallic layer, which is a blend of 95% zinc 5% aluminum, providing unparalleled protection against corrosion, even at the edges of the cut. The thickness of the organic coating on the product Colorcoat HPS200 ® Ultra is 200 microns.

  • twice the color and gloss retention compared with plastisol coating
  • unique cut edge
  • warranty Confidex ® for up to 40 years
  • product does not require inspection or maintenance
  • Guaranteed maximum durability

PLADUR® Wrinkle mat ThyssenKrupp Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 35 years
PLADUR® Relief IceCrystal ThyssenKrupp Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 45 years
Colorcoat HPS200®Ultra Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 40 years



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