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German Simetric

- New!

Precisely tailored to your roof. German Simetric – new roofing sheet in the Blachotrapez offer
German Simetric means precision, reliability and classic beauty. Now even complicated roof constructions can be made
from reliable German Simetric roof tile, which will protect you and your family for many years.

Technical details

Total width: ~1200 mm
Cover width: 1144 mm
Thickness of the finished product (steel): 0,5 mm
Pitch: 190,7 mm
Height of forming: 30/40 mm
Depth of profile: 21 mm
Length of module: 350 mm
Minimum sheet length: 720 mm
Maximum sheet length: 5970 mm


The highest quality steel

GERMAN SIMETRIC is a symmetrical, modular roofing tile, which customers will like for a modern and attractive look, and roofers for easy installation. The high quality of the raw material is also a great advantage of GERMAN SIMETRIC. Blachotrapez uses steel from the German steelworks Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, a world leader in the industry and other well-known manufacturers with whom Blachotrapez works. Made of the best raw materials, Germanic SIMETRIC has increased resistance to abrasion and dirt as well as high corrosion resistance.

Simple assembly thanks to precision

What definitely distinguishes the new Blachotrapez product is exceptional precision - modularity and lightness. GERMAN SIMETRIC allows you to cover even very complex roofs. This also translates into the economy of coverage - during installation, the optimum number of sheets is used without the need to frequently cut roofing tiles. The combination of the highest quality raw material with accurate dimensions guarantees tightness and long-term durability of the cover. Depending on the choice of the protective coating, the manufacturer provides a guarantee product for up to 60 years (coating PLADUR® Wrinkle Mat Plus).

Classic look with double embossing

Investors who care about the classic visual effect will appreciate GERMAN SIMETRIC for the traditional look of roofing tiles. Stylish, straightforward form with double embossing, it responds to current trends and emphasizes the appearance of the home.

The modern roof tile GERMAN SIMETRIC will not only work in new buildings, but also on the roofs of old buildings. Roofing is available in a full range of colors, which gives a wide range both in the implementation of modern facilities, and allows the reconstruction of the original appearance of old buildings.


Due to different monitor settings, colors may be different from reality, which is why the colors are approximate.
The colors of the samples are subject to production tolerances and may slightly differ from the material delivered to the construction site.

Input material

SUPERIOR HB coat - new highly resistant coat of the PREMIUM GLOSS class with an addition of acrylic and polyester paint - coat thickness 50 microns

Pladur® Wrinkle - mat grainy, with colors by known patterns, coating system 2 - layer, layer thickness min. 35 microns

Pladur® Relief iceCrystal - sheet with a proprietary surface structure imitating frozen patches of ice coating system 3 - layer, layer thickness min. 36 microns

Powłoka Zm EcoProtect - modernized and improved by the application of metallic coating novel zinc and magnesium alloy instead of the existing zinc coating. It has improved the protection and longer life

Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus

The Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus coating perfectly protects the roof, extends its service life, ensures the most effective corrosion protection and the unchanged color of the roof covering for many years. Pladur®Wrinkle Mat Plus is available in three elegant, matte color versions: black, brown and graphite.

Colorcoat HPS200®Ultra

Colorcoat HPS200 ® Ultra uses a tested and used exclusively at TATA Steel (Corus) Galvalloy metallic layer, which is a blend of 95% zinc 5% aluminum, providing unparalleled protection against corrosion, even at the edges of the cut. The thickness of the organic coating on the product Colorcoat HPS200 ® Ultra is 200 microns.

  • twice the color and gloss retention compared with plastisol coating
  • unique cut edge
  • warranty Confidex ® for up to 40 years
  • product does not require inspection or maintenance
  • Guaranteed maximum durability

PLADUR® Wrinkle mat ThyssenKrupp Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 35 years
PLADUR® RAL Premium ThyssenKrupp Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
25 years
PLADUR® Relief IceCrystal ThyssenKrupp Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 45 years
PLADUR® Wrinkle Mat Plus Troughed metal sheets, Roof fittings,
Roof and facade panels
60 years
Colorcoat HPS200®Ultra Troughed metal sheets, Roof sheets,
Roof fittings, Roof and facade panels
to 40 years
SUPERIOR HB Troughed metal sheets, Roof fittings,
Roof and facade panels
45 years





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