Sand-coated sheets

DECRA Romanska

Decra® Romanesque shape of a tile monk-nun. It has been designed in view of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries with centuries-old traditions of this type of roofing. It is also used by enthusiasts from Northern Europe, fascinated by the Southern climate.

Roofing Decra® Romanesque require no maintenance and are virtually costless in operation. Although lightweight, they have excellent mechanical properties at the snow load and peel by strong winds.

Metal tile with sprinkles, Decra® Romanesque, has good sound-absorbing acoustic properties (not affected by the rain beat), and on the cover of a well maintained snow, reducing the risk of damage to the gutters by the slippery snow avalanches.

Lightweight roofing Decra® Romanesque can be used on roofs with slopes of 15 ° to 90 °.