Metal rails

The company Blachotrapez meet the needs of customers who implement their plans for the perfect home, gradually expanding its product portfolio. Therefore, to offer the company introducing a new product - steel rails Premium, the first product in the segment of fencing, which together with offered by the manufacturer of roofing will create a total system solutions to finish the house and its surroundings.

Eye-catching design - a unique proprietary design patent law, high-quality material, as well as modern and practical assembly solutions are just some of the distinguishing features of the new product. Fencing with Steel Rail Premium fits in perfectly with the surrounding architecture complement the home environment and emphasizing its character. Based on years of experience in the production of high-quality coated sheets Blachotrapez created a product extremely durable and aesthetic of universal design solutions. Three longitudinal grooves in the section rails, firming of the product in an optimal manner, resulting in making it considerably competitive with other available on the market. Steel rails Premium does not burden the construction of the fence will freely develop its line and choose the optimum height - according to indywidulanymi needs, and freely adjust headroom fence. The unquestionable advantage of the system is extremely simple and quick installation which can be carried out independently. The advantage is also easy to keep rails clean - that do not require special maintenance.