Metal shingle


- NEW!
The JANOSIK metal shingle is our new product – innovative with unique design.
As the departure point, our designers took the original pattern of wooden shingle, which is a traditional roof covering of the Podhale region, also encountered in other parts of Poland. As a result, the JANOSIK metal shingle has been developed, featuring top quality and exceptionally regional character. Its form, texture and appearance thoroughly resemble the original wooden shingle.
Apart from its genuine appearance, it is also a low-maintenance solution, as roofs covered with this material have a similar lifespan to ceramic coverings. The JANOSIK metal shingle fits perfectly both into the architecture of Zakopane area and modern architecture, as it improves the look of the entire roof and harmonises with the surroundings. It is thus an attractive, practical and light roof covering of great decorative merits.

Technical details

Total width: ~1222 mm
Cover width: 1180 mm
Thickness of the finished product (steel): 0,5 mm
Height of forming: 35 mm
Depth of profile: 6 mm
Length of module: 380 mm
Number of modules per square metre: 2,247/m2

Input material

Pladur® Relief Wood - Pladur® Relief Wood - sheets with a proprietary surface structure imitating wood, triple-layer coating system, min. coat thickness 36 microns.  

PLADUR® Relief Wood ThyssenKrupp ZM EcoProtect® Metal shingle, Roof and facade panels to 45 years




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